About the Pianos we Carry.

Come see the largest selection of pianos in the tri state area. We have just been asked by Weber and Albert Weber pianos to represent the Official piano of Lincoln Center The WEBER piano. These pianos come in all sizes and price ranges and with our Weber dealership grand opening you can choose the same piano as Lincoln center has for less than the price of an entry level Yamaha. Now that is a reason to stop in soon!

Don't forget we also carry the budget Bosendorfer pianos as well. The Taylor Piano, created by Collin Taylor one of the lead designers for Bosendorfer. These pianos were created with the top materials in the world, but using state of the art machinery to keep costs down. If you love the sound of Bosendorfer but don't have the budget, come try a Taylor!

Come see our number one seller Hallet, Davis & Co. Pianos . This has been the piano that we have sold consistently to more Schools, Churches, and Music Conservatories than any other piano we carry or have carried. Their amazing Clear bell like tone in the treble coupled with the full warm bass has made these pianos one of the best kept secrets in the piano industry. Being a small manufacturer, they only supply a few dealers country wide, but they are by far one of the nicest sounding pianos available today. by the way we use them in our music school with over 200 music students playing on these pianos every week!

If you really like to buy the best, come play the Charles R. Walter piano. Hand-Made in the USA by the Walter family. They have consistently been ranked as one of the top pianos built in the world by Technicians books , online periodicals, and Chat-roooms. They are also the most affordable High-end custom made piano available today. They actually price out around the price of the upper end Yamaha pianos, but have been consistently ranked as a better piano, with a much longer lifespan and an all solid wood core cabinet. (Yamaha, Kawai, and others can not say that!) They are half the price of many of the high-end European pianos.

If you love exotic woodworking, and high fashion Italian furniture, and Ferrari like performance in a piano, then come and play the Schulze Pollmann Piano made in Italy. This piano has the finest components in the world with a very limited production number per year. There is not a finer piano available with exquisite cases of inlayed Mahogany and burled woods. German Renner actions and Italian Ciresa (Stradivarius wood) sound boards are always standard!

Wm. Knabe & Co. the original piano of Carnegie Hall, the Metropolitan Opera, and the San Francisco opera is here and back in the original Baltimore Scale designs. These pianos use Bechstein Machinery to build their cases, always the top end German Renner Actions, and some of the best tonal qualities of any piano. These pianos have one of the nicest singing fifth register of any piano made today, or ever made. I would challenge any Steinway piano to produce the colors that this piano produces in this lyric range. Choral institutions and Music Colleges with a better budget prefer these pianos. These instruments are not inexpensive, however they are tens of thousands of Dollars less than their Steinway counterparts.

If you are looking for a great student to intermediate level piano, take a look at the Hobart Cable and George Steck. They use German Designs and Quality components. A much better purchase decision than a "name brand's" lowest end product, which in many cases you will be paying for that label and not the product underneath. This brand specializes in entry level pianos, they do not make CONCERT pianos! They specialize in the student piano at a good price with no money spent on marketing. These pianos start around $2000 and are a good alternative to many used pianos.

Great Quality used pianos. That's right we also carry quality used pianos too. Steinway, Baldwin, Yamaha, Boston, Chickering, Sohmer and more.... We even have used pianos from $799.

We are here to help sort it all out for you and find the right piano to fit your needs. With my Music degrees in Piano Performance and Music Education I will help you find the piano you want and need. All of my staff are musicians and technicians and we will spend the time to educate you and really help you, we aren't here to quickly sell you a piano, we hope you stay at our music school along with the other 200 students that have done so as well.

Don't forget to ask about our special 100% upgrade policy as well. Call us at 732-777-7381 or 877-742-6607. Thanks for taking the time to read this information and I am sure you will enjoy visiting our website and our store.

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